If you’re looking for a great way to advertise your company and give back to the community at the same time, then a sponsorship with Grumpy Publications might be just the thing. You can associate your brand with an award winning author as you help him to inspire the next generation. Be seen as the company that cares by having your company logo and information in a sticker on every book that goes home that day. How long do you think an average hard back children’s book will stay in a house? Ten years? Fifteen years? More?

Why should I do a Sponsorship?

  • You will be seen as the company that gives back to the community and people will want to do business with you.

  • The Sponsorship is considered advertising and is therefore a 100% business expense.

  • Your advertising on each book could be in the average home for ten to fifteen years.

  • If the advertising doesn’t bring your company immediate results, at least you gave books to kids rather than spending on an ad that went right to the trash.

  • You will also have a great story to post on your website or social media page.

What does a typical Sponsored Reading Look like?

  • Your Sponsorship is for author Thal Dixon to perform about a 45 minute assembly with at least one entire grade at an elementary school. During this assembly, Thal will share a few stories and their meanings, thank you as a sponsor, introduce you and have you help pass out books if you attend.

  • The stories will be projected on the wall and Thal will entertain and interact with the students.

  • One signed hard copy of a book will be provided per student with a sticker advertising your business on the back of it. (Similar to what is shown below.)

  • Any pictures or video taken will be yours to use on any advertising or social media you choose.



Assembly for 1 grade at one elementary school.
(Includes: Books for every student with advertising sticker of sponsor on each book.)


Two Grades at one school.
(one reading)


Two Grades at two schools.
(two readings)

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